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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Hello Everyone!

My new area is SUPER GOOD!  I enjoy my new companion and our new apartment.   We don’t ever stop teaching so it doesn’t give us much time to make new contacts.  There are only 2 of us in this area. 

We went to the military base to visit with a family, meeting them was really fun.

Sunday when we met with the ward, I was a little frustrated because there is no organization at all for missionary work.  Although, we are figuring it out and  the ward loves us.  I have a lot to do in this area.

We have quite a large number of people that come to our English class, but that is the only reason they are there.  It’s a bit discouraging but the people are great!

By the way, I am safe here in Korea!  There is really nothing serious to worry about.  I go to the military base once a week and the military branch comes to my building, so if there is anything to worry about they will tell me.

I have been able to serve a man in our ward this week that cannot walk, so I have been carrying him on my back for the last 3 days.  What a huge miracle this has been.

I am grateful for my testimony and for all the miracles I see everyday.

Be Someone’s Miracle.

Elder Hunter

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